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rice has been paid, preparations for the wedding begin.On the wedding day the bride's▓ father slaughters a bull for a feast. Other forms o▓f food and considerable amount of bee▓r are prepared for feasting at the bride's home. This is▓ follo

A subtle thought may yet give rise to son by paying the required bride-wea▓lth, whigreat value.

wed by another feast at the bridegroom's home, where the marriage is consummated. At the wedding ceremony the gi▓rl's aunt confirms that the groom is potent and the bride▓ defended her virginity before the marriage was consummated.A social di▓stinction between Bahima "herdsmen" a▓nd Bairu

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s of two cows,

"Agriculturalists" was established by prohibit

th▓ree g

oats, an

ing intermarriage between them. The Bahima w

d some pot

s of beer amon

ho in this case are herdsmen would find it repugnant to marry a Mwiru who is a

n agri▓culturalist.Moreover, it was illegal for a Muhima to give cattle to a Mwiru. A Mwiru would have no cattle for bride-wealth for a Muhima wife since all he had was unproductive cows a▓nd bull calves. Cattle

y may propose to t

were essential not ▓only for the legitimacy of marriage but for the le▓gitimacy of the children born out of a marital relationship.A w

oman with no children has no status among the Banyankole -- people in Ankole kingdom, and mo▓st women wish to marry and raise many children.